Bar-Club, Dj set / live Electro, Dancefloor, Cocktails


jeudi 24 janvier 2019 à partir 19 h - 2 h
Theworldwidecollective – Mont blanc

We are The Worldwide Collective, an electronic artist incubator based in France. We believe that music isn’t a matter of likes or followers. Our aim is to promote independant producers from around the world, release their work and organise events with them.

For this first edition – Mont Blanc – our DJ’s will make us travel through an experimental, micro and raw house selection of tracks.

Ivan Paszkiev [Lamif]
Pealse [13OP]
Roamin [Theworldwidecollective]
Meks [Theworldwidecollective]
Thirty Cycles [Underground Feelings]

Website –
4elements: 149 rue Amelot – 75011 – Paris
Metro : Republique – Oberkampf – Filles du Calvaire
Free entry: 7PM – 2AM